Get labels that tell your history


Are labels always delivered on roll?
- Yes. Always.

What file format should i send you?
- We prefer a PDF in CMYK with a minimum of 1 mm bleed in relation to punch size.

Can Pantone colours be used on digital printing?
- Yes, you are welcome to use Pantone colours. This will also make it is easier for us to get the colours to match when we print the labels.

My files are too large for E-mail. What should I do?
- Both wetransfer.com and dropbox.com are easy to use and can send large files.

Where can I find a list of stock sizes and a selection of prices?
- We have a price calculator on our website.

Why do ten labels cost the same as a thousand labels?
- Because it is just as much a job to initiate an order with ten labels as one with a thousand. Two persons have to set up two machines to produce your labels no matter the size of your order.

I don't find my label size on your website - can you order it in?
- Yes, we can.

Can I have more variants?
- Yes, you may order as many variants as you want within the total edition.

How many labels are there on a roll?
- It's up to you. We customise the roll as desired, according to numbers or according to the actualouter diameter.

Do I get the exact number of labels as ordered?
- There will always be some variations in our production. We must set the machines and adjust the blades to the labels. Therefore, we always print something extra, so that we can assure that you will get exactly what you want. For this we reserve the right that the deliverance and invoice might differ ±10%. If you do not want this, you may specify an EXACT DELIVERY when ordering.