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Digital etikett and the environment

Choose a digital solution!

We are constantly working on improvements for a more sustainable environment. Among other things we sort our garbage for recycling and deliver it directly to the municipal collection site SIMAS every week. We are fortunate to have two retirees who come every week to deliver our garbage to SIMAS.

Digital productions are environmentally friendly! We use organic colours and almost no consumables. We recycle the colour cartridges in the metal waste and use machines that do not emit CO2.

We are so fortunate at the factory, that we do not need to use rubber and steel printing plates or colours that turn into chemical waste. We sort plastic and have our own cardboard and paper press, while remains of our varnish are collected by SIMAS waste management as special waste.

By using digitally produced labels you do not need to order large quantities to reduce the price of volume. For the sake of the environment we recommend you order "JIT" or "POD" which stands for “Just In Time” and “Print On Demand”. Imagine not having to dispose of outdated design or unused packaging! If more would do this we could reduce both waste and CO2 emissions!

Unfortunately, most of the residual waste from our production still goes to incineration and energy production. It is our wish to be able to send it in return to our suppliers who will be able to reuse it in the production of furniture or patio boards. We work on a solution for this. May it happen soon!

Unfortunately, there is also still silicone in our material, which is necessary so that the label comes off easily from the roll. There is no way to recycle this and so this will become waste for energy production.

Digital Etikett operates in a CO2-friendly factory that is made of solid wood, which again binds CO2. We are proud of this!

Digital Etikett is part of Grønt Punkt Norge's program PLASTLØFTET! This obliges us to use as little plastic as possible and use recycled plastic wherever we can.

Choose Digital Etikett and take a small step in an environment-friendly direction!

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