How we create labels

This is how we make labels
Many of our competitors in the label printing business have to make expensive printing plates before they can start. Let's say it costs four thousand Norwegian Kroner for printing plates for a four-colour label. For that price you can get thousands of labels with us. We just start the machinery and then the labels come rolling on big rolls. Always on rolls.

This is the machine that does most of the work. But Erik is in some way the boss of the machine, so he too should get some credit.

The process

In the old days it was not so much to choose from when walking into the store. And the labels on the jars of jam, buckets and soda bottles were the same, year after year. Today we choose between millions of products from thousands of manufacturers who are constantly inventing new products and new designs. This diversity means that there are often fewer copies of each product. This is where Digital Etikett can help.

We are good at printing small and medium-sized editions. Since we print digitally, our customers do not spend unnecessary money on printing plates and extra colours. They just send their design to us, and then we print and stamp the labels on a roll. And we’ll do it pretty fast.

We don't think people should buy more labels than they need. With us, customers can choose how many variants and colours they want their labels in. For example, if you want 5000 labels where 2000 of them should be green and 3000 should be blue, it does not cost anything more than printing 5000 identical labels.

Look at this machine. She is big as a caravan. It's a printing machine from Hewlett Packard.

How we create labels

We get a design from you. Then we feed it to a large printer from Hewlett Packard installed here in our factory. It is an advanced and fantastic machine that can print virtually anything. Then at the other end, it spits out your design in as many copies as you want, on a huge roll. Imagine something like a huge toilet roll with many, many identical prints of your label.


Afterwards we take the roll to our punch press machine. This one is mechanical, but also brand new, big and beautiful. She can paint both glossy and matte, as well as emboss and add foil
effects. Then she punches out any remaining labels, so what you get is a roll of finished labels. 

That really is all there is to it. And when the process is that easy, it's no wonder the delivery time is as short as it is.